Report Request Form - Use this document when requesting reports from LLC.  It also provides a good guideline for the type of information we need to screen your applicants properly.


Rental Application - You can use your own Rental Application, but LLC offers this for customers who need one.  Your application MUST contain a section where the applicant can sign giving you permission to check their credit and rental history. If it doesn't, then use our Rental Application.

Lease - You can use your own lease but we have provided one here for our members to use.  It's pretty generic and can be used "as is" or you can use it as a guideline to create your own.

Landlord Reporting Form - Use this report to report tenants - good and bad. You can fax the completed report to 603-424-4032 or send it in the mail. These reports will be kept in a tenant's file for seven years.


Declination Letter - If you decide not to rent to an applicant based on information you received on either their credit report or tenant report you are obligated to give them a declination letter within 30 days. However, there may be other reasons for denial.  See the listing below for details.

Adverse Actions

Reasons for Denial other than our Reports

Denial for reasons other than LLC information do not require our declination letter. You can notify the applicant in person, by phone or email.

You may have denied the applicant for one or more of the following reasons:

·        Incomplete information - necessary item(s) on the application were left blank

·        Failure to sign the application

·        Failure to provide a picture ID upon application

·        Insufficient landlord or personal references

·        Insufficient income

·        False information on the application, such as present and current addresses, landlord’s name and telephone number

·        Apartment rented to another applicant with better references, higher income, or to someone who had applied earlier

If none of these reasons for denial apply, and the denial is based on information provided by LLC, you are required to send the applicant a declination letter within 30 days of your decision to deny their application.


Completing the Declination Letter



Keep a copy of the letter and rental application on file for 60 months.


·         Fill in your name, address and telephone number in the upper right corner, and then sign the letter at the bottom.

·         Once you’ve added this information, make copies so that in the future all you will have to do is fill in the dates and applicant’s name, etc.

·         Check off the appropriate boxes as the reason(s) for denying the apartment, as follows:

v     Legal action regarding a previous landlord. This is an L&T filing from court records or an eviction by the County Sheriff’s office

v     Adverse rental history as reported by a previous landlord. This is the information from a Landlord Reporting Form showing dollar amounts of rent and damages owed along with the other information on the Landlord Reporting Form.

v     Credit History - If you are denying an applicant based solely on their credit report, do not refer them to Landlord Connection. Refer them to TransUnion which is also listed on the Declination Letter.