Effective January 1, 2012

Storage time has been reduced from 28 to 7 days. The damages for violating the 7-day requirement is limited to actual damages plus costs and reasonable attorney fees.

Landlord and Tenant Eviction Process

Rule 5.1. Landlord and Tenant Writ.

Rule 5.2. Return Day.

Rule 5.3. Entry of Actions.

Rule 5.4. Failure to Answer.

Rule 5.5. Appearance, Setoff and Counterclaims.

Rule 5.6. Discovery and Continuances.

Rule 5.7. Writ of Possession and Judgment.

Rule 5.8. Damages.

Rule 5.9. Notice Form.

Rule 5.10. Post Trial Motions and Appeals.

Rule 5.11. Dismissal of Appeals.

Rule 5.12. Dismissal of Writs After Sixty Days.