Complete this agreement and mail with your membership fee and Proof of Ownership and a PHOTO ID (you can take a photo of your ID with your phone and e-mail it or fax with your membership or drop it in the mail).  You will be able to request Credit Evaluations, Rental Histories and Decision Reports. To be able to request full credit reports, you must meet these requirements.

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The Landlord Connection, Inc.

PO Box 1387
Merrimack NH 03054
Phone: 603-424-1596     Fax: 603-424-4032     Email:

Membership Agreement

In consideration of the mutual agreements entered into on __________ and expires on __________. 

Member Name: ____________________________________________ agrees to pay The Landlord Connection, Inc. (LLC), of Merrimack, New Hampshire, $_________ for the following plan (Choose one):

____ (1 -50 apartments) A non-refundable annual membership fee of $50.00 plus the current fees listed in Pricing & Services for any requested reports.

____ (Over 50 apartments) A non-refundable annual membership fee of $100.00 plus the current fees listed in Pricing & Services for any requested reports.

This agreement entitles the subscriber to all services available through LLC and is non-refundable once a PIN Number has been issued. A monthly invoice will itemize only those reports ordered during the billing period.

Certifications and Conditions of Use The Federal Fair Credit Report Act (15USC1681 et seq), and other applicable state laws restrict the purposes for which and under what conditions any person may obtain credit reports or other consumer information from a credit reporting agency. These laws control the confidentiality of credit information and under what circumstances it may be disclosed. Denial of residence requires that you disclose the source of any adverse information used in the denial. Pursuant to these laws, LLC requires the following certifications from its subscribers. You must place your initials in the space provided.

The subscriber certifies that:              Initial Here ________
They are the owner/ agent of owner of rental properties _______
Each request for reports will be based upon a legitimate business need (tenant screening), in connection with a business purpose______
The information will be used for no other purpose _______ 
Written authorization will be obtained from the applicant before initiating any credit, eviction or criminal request _____

I will not order reports on myself _______
I will not allow any applicant to view reports provided by LLC_______

I will retain a copy of the requested report(s) for 5 (five years) even if I did not rent to the applicant_____

The subscriber agrees to allow LLC or its authorized agents to inspect any records, documentation or physical premises to determine compliance with these laws. LLC strongly advises that its subscribers become familiar with these laws, their requirements and restrictions. Use of the LLC system or services by the subscriber indicates an understanding and full compliance with the above.

Anyone who knowingly and deliberately obtains information under false pretenses will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Subscriber agrees to obtain written applicant authorization before initiating credit investigations. Subscriber agrees that each report is for one-time use only as credit information changes on a regular basis. Subscriber further agrees to indemnify and hold LLC harmless from all claims arising out of improper used, disclosure or storage of credit information. In any action brought to enforce the terms of this agreement or resulting from a breach by the subscriber, the undersigned agrees to pay all reasonable fees incurred by LLC, including attorney fees.

BILLING POLICY - We expect all invoices to be paid within 30 days.  All invoices not paid within 45 days from billing date will be subject to the following: 45 days late - $5.00 late fee. 60 days late - Credit hold.  No reports completed until outstanding balance is paid. May require all future payment by credit card BEFORE completing report. Over 90 days – Account placed in collections and cancellation of membership without option for renewal. Note: To avoid collections and membership cancellation, please call us to make payment arrangements.

Conditions and pricing contained in this agreement are subject to change upon 30-day notice from LLC. This service agreement may be cancelled by either party, in writing, at any time.

Subscriber agrees not to release, in any way, LLC pricing structure, copies of reports, methods, software, or any LLC documentation - including comparison reports to/ with any other tenant screening/ credit reporting companies without the expressed written permission of an officer of The Landlord Connection. Subscribers understand that in the courts in which eviction complaints are filed do not require social security numbers to be part of the case record. Therefore LLC cannot always guarantee that an eviction report, showing the eviction complaint information, involves your applicant. LLC strongly recommends that you investigate further!


Property Name: _______________________________________ (please attach proof of ownership -copy of tax bill or any type of document that establishes ownership)

Photo ID: Driver License, Non-Driver License or Passport photo. Enclose with agreement or email photo.
Total Number of Units:
(For Internal Records Only) ______________
Realtor or Property Management State License Number:_________________________

(Full credit reports can only be provided to licensed Realtors and Property Management Companies - all other members will receive a Credit Evaluation Report)

Corporate TAX ID: ______________

Phone Number: ________________ ( Must be listed in Yellow Pages)

Link to Business Website http://www. ___________________________

Names of all Contacts and Titles that will be requesting Credit Reports:

Name: _________________________________________Title: _________________

Name: _________________________________________Title: _________________

Name: _________________________________________Title: _________________


Billing Information

Bill to: _____________________________________________
Billing Address: ______________________________________
City/ State/ Zip: ______________________________________
Phone: _____________________________________________
Fax Reports to: ______________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________________
Name( print): _______________________________________
Signature: ___________________________________Title: _____________________
Date: _________________________How did you hear about us?_________________
DO NOT COMPLETE THIS SECTION (Completed by LLC after acceptance of membership agreement.)
PIN Number: _____________________

Membership accepted by:________________________ 

* Prices subject to change with a 30-day notice.