Prices Effective March 1 2019*


Membership Fees

Include access to rental applications, collection services, leases, reporting tenants, tips, and much more.


Annual Fees - $50.00 (1 -50 rental units)

$100.00 (over 50 rental units)


Report Type

What is Included


Rental History

Identity verification, addresses, evictions (see below), landlord reports, nationwide sex offenders, Most Wanted, OFAC and NH Inmate Roster*


Credit Report (Licensed Realtors only)

Identity verification, Credit Score, Account Details, Collections, Bankruptcies


Credit Evaluation

Credit Score/ Risk Factor/Delinquency Rate/Recommendation/Reason for Score


Decision Report

Credit Evaluation and Rental History



Credit Report & Rental History (Licensed Realtors only)

Identity verification, Credit Score, Collections, Bankruptcies, addresses, evictions, landlord reports, nationwide sex offenders and NH Inmate Roster*


Skip Locate

Identity verification, current address (when available). If not located, a locator is added to our database. Will contact landlord if located.


*Also Includes Nationwide Registered Sex Offender Search, Inmate Roster since 1997 (NH only),

Terrorist, Most Wanted, and OFAC/US Treasury Dept. Prices and options subject to change with a 30-day notice.

Eviction records available for all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.