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Tenant Decision Report

Personal Information

Record Number:  NEW

Name:  John B Goode

Maiden/AKA:  John B Notsogoode

SS: DOES NOT MATCH (Belongs to another)

DOB: Verified


Addresses                                                                         Owner/Phone  


1234 Main St Anytown NH                                     John Doe 555-55-5555

3456 Elm St Happytown MA                                 Jackie Nation 555-55-5555

6500 Peninsula Drive Paradise FL                     Louie Weather 555-55-5555


Credit Evaluation

Credit Score: 550-600              Grade: C                 Risk Level:  Elevated

Odds of Delinquency:  51%                                    Reason: Collection Accounts

Recommendations:  Credit worthiness has not been established. Request explanation from applicant regarding unpaid accounts.

Landlord/Tenant Filings and Evictions

Paradise FL Courthouse

Date: 5/6/2010               Case: 105623

Plaintiff:  Louis Weather                          Defendant: John B Goode

Judgment: For Plaintiff ($1500 plus costs $101.00)


Anytown NH District Court

Date: 11/5/2010          Case: 10-LT-10023

Plaintiff: John Doe   Defendant: John B Goode

Judgment: Dismissed

 Comments/Additional Addresses

None on file


 Landlord Reports

6/3/2009 – Report by Jackie Nation.  Residents left apartment dirty. Moved without notice.  Occupied from 8/1/2008 to 5/25/2009.


Criminal Search Results – Includes Sex Offenders, NH Inmate Roster, 46 State Search plus DC & Puerto Rico (does not include DE, MA, SD or WY)

 Results: No Record(s) Found

NH & MA County Criminal* Results: Not Requested. Allow 5-7 business days for results when requested.

*Additional charges


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