Tenant Screening Tips

The Landlord Connection, Inc.

How long do you want your tenant living in your building? 4 months? 6 months? Of course not!

Many landlords have 1-year leases. An applicant’s previous track record regarding length of residence and employment is a pretty good indicator of how long they will stay in your apartment.

When you read over their application and you see that they have been at their present address for 2 months, their previous address for 4 months, their present job for 2 weeks and their previous job for 3 months. What makes you think that they will stay in your apartment for a year? You should have a set of standards based on your expectations.

For example, if you expect a tenant to sign a 1-year lease, you might want to require a 1-year residence at one of their previous three residences. Short employment stints could spell trouble for timely rent payments. If you do set standards try not to deviate from them "just this once." This is when you have problems. Remember, although they may be willing to sign a 1-year lease, the lease is only as good as the person signing it.

Happy Renting!