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The Walk Through
Have you ever inspected an apartment on move-out day and see carpets with burn holes and stains, or a torn linoleum only to be told "It was like that when I moved in."
To prevent this situation, use the following approach:

Moving Out

  • When the tenant is moving out, make an appointment to do the walk through and get the keys. Bring a copy of the lease and the original walk through checklist that was signed by you and the tenant.

  • Take your time -check the apartment thoroughly.

  • Make sure the stove and refrigerator work properly. I had one tenant poke a hole through the freezer wall which ruined the refrigerator. I didn't notice it until a week later when I plugged it in.

  • Wait a while (you have 30 days) before you have to return the security deposit. Sometimes there are hidden damages that don't show up on move-out day.

  • Check for improper telephone, cable TV and electrical hookups that would have to be remedied.

  • Check all windows and screens carefully. 

  • You may not believe this -some people actually leave a picture or poster on the wall to cover up a hole!

  • Move-out letter

    Remember CYA (Cover Your Backside). Happy Renting!