What Makes Us Unique

Unlike other credit bureaus which service banks and mortgage companies, LLC caters specifically to landlords and provides them with the information that they alone need. Who better serves the landlordsí needs? NO CONTEST!

A prospective tenant's rental history is the most important indicator of their future behavior in your building. 

When someone applies for your apartment, wouldn't you like to know:

bullet Have they been brought to court by another landlord?
bullet Have they brought their landlord to court?
bullet Have they ever been locked out of their apartment by the Sheriff?
bullet Have they ever moved owing rent or damaged an apartment?

If your apartments are currently managed by a property management company, make sure they belong to LLC. Those who do, know that LLC is the only way to save clients thousands of dollars by screening out the undesirable tenants.

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How much did that last bad tenant cost you?


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